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Welcome to Social Apologetics!

Resources to Help You Defend the Deity of Jesus

Resources to Help You Defend the Deity of Jesus


Four Things We Won’t Need in Heaven (But Ought to Pursue Here on Earth)

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Welcome to Social Apologetics! comes from a former website project of’s: RealClearApologetics was founded by yours truly, and over time the intention of the webs... »

Chrislam: A Reply to Francis Beckwith

For those of you who are unaware of a small controversy occurring at Wheaton College (and online), a political science professor has been suspended because of her show of solidarity with Islam on the ... »

Impact Blog Post

The greatest shift in American society has been the want for change, the desire to rid ourselves of the old and embrace the new. For the world, racial equality was the beginning to an upward spiral, t... »

Impact Blog Post

While California has its issues, there is a homeless crisis occurring in New York City. The report says there are many people living on the streets for a number of reasons. “A city with homeless on it... »

Music for the Soul

Music has a major impact in many aspects of our lives. It can influence our thoughts, motivations, and actions with the words flowing out from the minds of artists who create such pieces. However, how... »

Racial Equality

In our country recently, racism has been put in the spotlight due to numerous police officer related violence.  In all honesty, it would be stupid to ignore the fact that this is a problem in our coun... »

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