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Student Versus Professor Debate At Oxford University 04/27/2012

Last night I was at Oxford University to watch the debate on whether or not God exists between Calum Miller, a third-year medical student, and former professor of chemistry Peter Atkins. Miller defended the theistic view and Atkins argued against God’s existence. Miller opened the debate with an excellent explanation of methodology and then he presented three arguments that followed through with h... »

A Response to Some Mormon Objections to the Trinity

God has laid it on my heart over the past several years to purposefully develop close friendships with Mormons. True to form, He has brought all the right people into my life, sparking many valuable conversations, and I am eternally grateful for all of this. I say all of this for two reasons. First, that you would understand the source of the objections I will discuss today; second, that you may u... »

A Simple Argument Against Naturalism

If naturalism is true, then everything that exists is composed of matter and energy. There is no God and no immaterial soul. Everything that you think or feel results from the arrangement of the atoms in your brain. Furthermore, if evolution is also true, then these physical structures in your brain came into existence through the mechanism of natural selection weeding out random genetic mutations... »

Verificationism, Logical Positivism, and Self-Destruction

Recently I’ve been messaging with a fellow on facebook about verificationism. So, I’ve been inspired to write a post about it. For those who are unfamiliar with the term, verificationism is the view that a statement or proposition is only valid if there is a way to determine it is true. More specifically, verificationism is often associated with/as logical positivism. Logical positivism (philosoph... »

Why Mormonism and Christianity are Two Different Worldviews

If you consult your dictionary for a definition of what a Christian is you’ll discover this very broad answer: “a person who has received Christian baptism or is a believer in Jesus Christ and his teachings.” The difficulty with this broad definition is that many individuals, including Mormons, claim to believe in God, his son Jesus, the teachings of the Bible and to have been baptized. Neverthele... »

Re: Thomas Talbott's Gauntlet

This link was brought to my attention: In it, Thomas Talbott thinks there are 3 statements where only 2 can be affirmed at a time. The denial of #3 will lead us to Universalism (which Talbott holds to). Why write about this at an apologetics website? Well, some think the existence of Hell is so repulsive that they could n... »