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Rejoinder to Lowder's Defense of Extraordinary Claims Slogan

I’ve had the honor of being rebutted by prominent atheist Jeffrey Jay Lowder over at Secular Outpost.  Lowder replied to my post on whether or not extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.  Before you continue reading, I’d like to point out that I am no expert.  I do not hold a PhD in anything and I am a fallible human.  So if I’ve missed a point, straw-manned Lowder, or am just plain s... »

Homosexuality and Academic Research

The Washington Times published an article on two studies recently done on the issues relating to homosexual marriage.  You can read the article here.  The article presented two studies, the first which sought to prove that children are better off in traditional marriage settings and the second which proved that the previous 30 years of “research” supporting same-sex marriage came from convenient s... »

Any Answer is Not a Good Answer

I was raised in a Christian family and I also grew up in America’s “Bible Belt.” Not only were those close to me believers, but nearly everyone I met considered themselves to be too. In many ways, this was a blessing, but in others it allowed me to relax and not think critically about my faith. In my teen years I realized that I quickly become defensive if questioned about what I... »

Cooper's Philosophical Blunders

Cathy Cooper has written a case against Christianity here.  In it she presents objections to the kalam cosmological argument, the moral argument, Christianity’s unique claims, and Jesus’s divinity.  Today, I’ll deal with the first two. Kalam Cosmological Argument: 1) Whatever begins to exist has a cause 2) The universe began to exist 3) Therefore, the universe has a cause Cooper ... »

Proving the Bible

I was once invited to apply for a research program led by a Christian engineer. The goal was to make a finite element model of Noah’s ark based on the dimensions and materials given in the Genesis record. This finite element model would then be used to determine the natural frequencies of the structure. The Christian engineer who had conceived this project was confident that the results would demo... »

Finish What You've Started

What if there was a library somewhere which kept a record of everything that has and will ever occur within the span of time? I’d like to think that in such a place, there would have to exist a book containing a small number of names. Names of those who stuck with a cause long enough to see it change the world around them. A handful of noble men who lived and died for what they believed. Men... »

Do Extraordinary Claims Require Extraordinary Evidence?

Carl Sagan is most noted for speaking the phrase, ‘Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence’ (begins at 0:40s in the video above). The statement seems at first thought to be true. But is it really? Do extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence? Atheistic philosopher Stephen Law believes it might, since he used the phrase as his first premise against the resurrection of Jesus (a... »