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Analysis and Activism

A cordial smile; a warm hello; a noticeably – better yet, justifiably – busy schedule; and a determined eye fixed on analyzing and acting on issues of peace and conflict in the Philippines (and beyond): Ms. Myla Leguro is someone I met on Nov. 28, 2012; and I believe she is an unsung hero. I took a research trip to Mindanao, Philippines which represents the second longest internal conf... »

Theology, Politics, and Apologetics: Pt. 3

In my previous two posts on ‘theology, politics, and apologetics’, I considered the work of Raymond Plant (Politics, Theology and History, Cambridge University Press, 2001); specifically, I evaluated his views on what might provide a common ground between divergent communities existing in a pluralistic society. Plant considers the approaches of narrative theology and natural law theory and their r... »