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Christianity Mocked Again in American Entertainment

Well, American culture has hit a new low. Instead of being entertained by people killing each other, now we have to take peaceful, holy people by making them violent.  Saturday Night Live (SNL) put out a skit this weekend that portrayed Jesus killing Roman guards. Check out the video below: I’d really like to think about what motivates a person at NBC to think this sort of thing up.  What is... »

Features of Postmodernism

In postmodernism there is a change in orientation (paradigm) which is evidenced by the widespread acceptance of the collapse of the attempt by those within modernism to build a rationale for values and ultimate meaning. Out of its commitment to relativism and pluralism, postmodernism rejects all notions of objective truth, hoping that in subjective truths human beings may realize a modicum of pers... »

Trustworthiness Necessitates Not Perfection

Trustworthiness Necessitates Not Perfection

Just a brief thought from Darrell Bock on reliability/trustworthiness. Feel free to reflect upon the implications, if any, for the doctrine of inerrancy. Bock’s remark comes from, “Is the New Testament Trustworthy?” in the Apologetics Study Bible. Trustworthiness demands not exhaustive but adequate knowledge of the topic. Sources are selective even when they are accurate. The Bib... »

Apologetics and Evangelism in a Postmodern Setting

In the next four weeks or more I will be preoccupied with apologetics and evangelism in a postmodern setting. But by way of introduction I will try to investigate the nature of postmodernism so that we can find out how the gospel of Christ can reach the postmodern mindset. This exercise is going to be a tedious one yet with lasting substance for Real Clear Apologetics to the modern culture which i... »

Rosenberg, the Consistent Naturalist

For those who watched the recent Craig-Rosenberg debate, did you catch something Rosenberg said at the end regarding a chapter in his new book? He said that he wrote a chapter exclusively on why we should not trust our consciousness because it is “mainly mistaken.” Is he supporting Plantinga’s Evolutionary Argument Against Naturalism? Does Rosenberg not see the irony and incohere... »

How to Grow Spiritually

Arguably, there is hardly a topic more frequently blogged or at least often wondered about than that of spiritual growth: How do we grow as Christians? What I have to say about this topic is hardly the last word; indeed, one might say that the whole of Scripture is in a fundamental way concerned with precisely this question. For salvation, after all, is for the sake of being ‘conformed to the imag... »