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Christian Particularism in Narnia: Part 1

I recently came across an article by Christina Hitchcock called “What Has Aslan to do with Tash? C.S. Lewis and Natural Theology.”[1]  Though I disagree with Hitchcock’s conclusions, it was a nice, short piece to read about how Lewis used natural theology, specifically religious particularism in Narnia. Christian particularism is the view that Christianity is the only true religion.  This is contr... »

Deeper Waters Podcast 4/27/2013

What can we do to stop the national holocaust? Let’s talk about it on Deeper Waters. Abortion has been the law of the land since 1973. On the 40th anniversary, the death toll is severe. A lot of Christians are also watching this issue with the Gosnell case coming to trial. What is it that Christians can do in order to address the silent holocaust killing our children? My guest will be Megan Almon ... »

Restoring Apologetics to Evangelism, Part 5

Reason Five: Personal testimony evangelism requires building a “ten ton bridge” to present the Gospel. The presentation of personal testimony implies, as we have noted, an invitation to examine our lives to see if Christianity is true. That in turn implies that the person has to know us well in order to know, or be more sure, that Christianity is true. And what’s that mean in turn? It means that a... »

Allergic to Religion?

Does a tolerant culture really practice it? Let’s talk about it on Deeper Waters. Recently, I wrote an article for the local paper on how a Christian is to live in a society where voting is a reality and still practice their faith. How do you integrate the two? What does it mean to say “Render unto Caesar”? For those who are interested, that article can be found here. What has been much of the res... »

Running with Endurance – a sermon on Hebrews chapter twelve (Pt. 2)

Running with Endurance – a sermon on Hebrews chapter twelve (Pt. 2)                               In my last post, I shared a part of my sermon manuscript which looked at the phrase, ‘so great a cloud of witnesses’, which comes from Hebrews 12.1. In this post, I consider a second key phrase: ‘lay aside every weight’. What is a weight? Is it different from the ‘sin which clings so closely’ (which c... »

Restoring Apologetics to Evangelism, Part 4

Continuing from last time, we now move to… Reason Four: Personal testimony is not only unbiblical, it also creates a conflict in Biblical texts. In the CRI article referenced in Part 1 I explained why various texts used to support the idea of “personal testimony” in the Bible are wrong. To this I can add that personal testimony – which encourages the measuring of behavior as a criterion for ... »

The Escapist Mentality

Do you want to die and be with Jesus? Let’s talk about it on Deeper Waters. In Philippians, Paul tells us that he desires to die and be with Christ. Does that fit anyone else? How many people really want to die and be with Christ? I have met several Christians that it seems their #1 desire at this point is they just want Christ to return so they can get out of this world. They want to die and be w... »

This World Is Not My Home?

According to, two geneticists, Alexei Sharov and Richard Gordon, recently applied Moore’s Law to the evolution of life.  Moore’s Law is simply the observation that computers have increased in complexity at a roughly steady rate since the first mircrochip was invented.  Sharov and Gordon applied that same rate to the evolution of life and extrapolated backwards in an attempt to dete... »

Restoring Apologetics to Evangelism, Part 3

Continuing this series from last week… Reason Three: The use of personal testimony turns the Christian life into a spectacle and encourages legalistic behavior. If, as we have said in prior points, personal testimony allows non-believers to argue against the truth of Christianity based on my nasty Aunt Sally’s kicking her cat, then it only follows that we will be under a microscope (as indee... »

Restoring Apologetics to Evangelism, Part 2

Continuing from last time… Reason Two: Evangelism based on personal testimony ties the validity of our conversion to our subjective experience. I had rounded off an article for we website, on Tony Campolo, that sums it up: Campolo admits that his own conversion resulted in a temporary zeal that lasted but a month, and that others have told him the same. [GOI 26-7] He also notes – but seems u... »

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