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Some time ago, a reader of my website asked me to have a look at something I’d rather have not seen: The Wikipedia page on the historicity of the book of Acts. Yes, of course: It’s a perfect example of why I call Wikipedia, “the abomination that causes misinformation.” Not just because it has outright errors, but because ideology can readily slant any of its pages when someone comes along with a b... »

To begin at the beginning …

… I think that was how ‘Under milk Wood’ started. I am not a scientist or a philosopher or an historian. The nearest I get professionally to studying anything academic is Art History which I teach to adults. As for religion, I do not come from a Christian family, though I did learn about Christ at school. I was born in 1960 so the Christian presence in schools was still quite strong wh... »

Christians, the NT Jesus is a fictional character…SO LOSE THE DOGMA

Folks, the NT Jesus is not real! The NT Jesus is an entertaining on-paper superhero character, akin to Superman & Spiderman! That’s why, in the gospel writings, Jesus …levitates in the air then goes off into the cosmos (without a spacesuit!) …walks on warm water and controls the weather (telling a storm to shut up and it does) …magically turns water into award winning caberne... »

An Alternative way of Living? (my first Blog)

I have found that secular humanists, especially online, are very quick to judge and ridicule Christianity and Creationism, however I hear very little of them speaking about how a life without God is better than one with God. The impression I get from Atheist friends of mine is that they can simply make up their own choices about what is right or wrong, but their morality may not remain constant th... »

Lewis’s Conversion Part II: Mouse Discovers Cat Exists, Regrets Implications

In my previous post I wrote about C.S. Lewis’s conversion experience.  Alister McGrath nicely explains that: In every case, we find the same pattern—a realisation that, if this was true, everything else falls into place naturally, without being forced or strained.  And by this nature, it demands assent from the lover of truth.  Lewis found himself compelled to accept a vision of reality that he di... »

Book Plunge: Studying The Historical Jesus

How is a Christian to go about studying the historical Jesus? Let’s talk about it on Deeper Waters. Last night, I finished reading a book by Darrell Bock of Dallas Theological Seminary called “Studying The Historical Jesus.” In this book, Bock does not really set out to give conclusions. He is writing for an audience that I believe consists of lay people interested in this kind of study and perhap... »

Apologetics, Argument, & Reformed Epistemology

Apologists have traditionally assumed that (a)religious belief is formed and held on the basis of argument. Theistic apologists often assume that the atheist believes there exists no God because he has bumped up against, understood, and been moved by more arguments for that conclusion (atheism) than for its denial (theism). What is to be done is to present him with arguments for theism, arguments ... »

God's Reply to an Atheist's Prayer

Atheist lawmaker Juan Mendez (D) offered this “prayer” on Tuesday at the opening of the Arizona House of Representatives: Most prayers in this room begin with a request to bow your heads. I would like to ask you not to bow your heads. I would like to ask that you take a moment to look around the room at all of the men and women here, in this moment, sharing together this extraordinary experience o... »

The Problem of Pluralism

Perhaps the oldest and strongest objection to the Christian faith is what C. S. Lewis has called the problem of pain. Today, however, I believe the most common objection to Christianity is what I will call the problem of pluralism. The problem of pluralism springs from the following simple observation. All around the world, from Italy to India, science textbooks say the same thing. No matter the l... »

On C.S. Lewis’s Conversion

Conversion is the instance or period when one changes their beliefs about what they understand to be true and begin acting upon those beliefs.  Many people have different conversion experiences and that is what I’d like to write about today.  In my study, Augustine serves as the often-cited example: God intervenes in his life through what sound like a child singing, ‘Take up and read.’ So Augustin... »

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