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Christmas is Pagan….And Other Myths

Today I formally released a new e-book titled Christmas is Pagan and Other Myths. Sad to say, it’s the sort of book that’s too often needed these days. I wrote it because I had gotten some very worried emails from some very frightened Christians who had been convinced by some fringe books and websites that celebrating Christmas was a one way ticket to hell. Yes, I’m serious. I... »

Give Thanks!

Christianity has fallen into disrepute in the United States. It is now more fashionable, at least in education, media, government and other areas of public life to favor other less coherent world views. It wasn’t always this way. At one time our elected leaders and the laws they passed favored the Christian faith as its principles formed the foundation of our nation. Many of the founding doc... »

How Does God Cause Evil? Part 2

How Does God Cause Evil? Part 2

In my previous post I introduced you to a couple pieces written by Gregory Boyd. To give you a quick summary, Boyd think the hermeneutic of Authorial Intent is secular in origin and that Divine Authorial Intent ought to be our guide. We ought to have a “prosopological exegesis” (PE) which “explains a text by suggesting that the author of the text identified various persons or characters (prosopa) ... »

Jesus: Liar, Lunatic or Lord?

Fifty years ago two great men died. Most remember this day as the day that John F. Kennedy died, but few remember that it also the day that C.S. Lewis died. C.S. Lewis authored many great books including Mere Christianity, The Screwtape Letters, The Problem of Pain, The Weight of Glory, Surprised by Joy, The Great Divorce, the Chronicles of Narnia Series and many others. In his book Mere Christian... »

How to Use the Internet

Today I’d like to share some points from my background as an information scientist (fancy way to say “librarian”). I was using search engine that worked like Google when no one knew what Google was, so I’ve had a few years extra practice on how these things work. Unfortunately, many Internet users don’t. Case #1: We’re happy owners of a Prius — one of thos... »

Does Allah Really Love You?

I love those who love Allah because they are made in God’s image. I love the zeal and passion they show in following what they believe. I wish that some of my Christian friends would exhibit this same sort of zeal and passion for following God! Because of the love and respect I have for my Muslim friends, I hope they will tolerate my frank and honest discussion as well as this additional question.... »

Ten Biblical Principles of Political Obedience

Below I list “ten biblical principles of political obedience” — that is, ten principles regarding our obligations towards human governments that can be directly mined or inferred from the Christian Scriptures. I offer very little by way of argument; but I am more than eager to follow up with discussion and support of these principles depending on what you the reader have to say. ... »

No More Rabbit Trails

I’ve been on the Internet since 1996, and almost from the very beginning, one of my policies has been that I almost never link to articles I respond to when they are by what I consider to be low-quality arguers. My arguments for why certain people don’t and won’t get links has not changed – it’s for several reasons, the main one being that I see no reason to give non-credible people the cred... »

An Anselmian Argument Against Libertarian Free Will

There is a way that an Anselmian could attempt to prove any number of interesting (and not always welcome) conclusions to other Anselmians by distinguishing between a greatest possible being and a perfect being. Typically, these terms seem to be used as synonyms, but it is interesting to see what happens when we consider how they might differ. First, consider the fact that people disagree about th... »

Will Allah Forgive You?

Allah is a maximally great and holy God. Allah is perfect and righteous. He does not tolerate evil and he judges rightly by punishing those who do evil and think evil thoughts. Have you disobeyed Allah? Have you lived up to Allah’s expectations? Will Allah really forgive those whom he judges or will he not judge rightly by punishing you for the sins you commit? For according to the Quran: “That is... »

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