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Here Comes Inerrancy Again

Has the focus on Inerrancy died out yet? Let’s talk about it on Deeper Waters. I am someone who does hold to Inerrancy, yet I do not think I can say I hold to ICBI Inerrancy. I think in light of new information in historical studies, we need to reconvene and have another meeting to determine what we mean by Inerrancy. This is not because of a lack of trust in the Scriptures, but because of the new... »

The Star of Bethlehem

The story of the Star of Bethlehem has been a mystery for a long time. With the advances we have made since the advent of computers, Astronomers have identified several astrological events that may describe what the Magi saw that led them to search for a king who was born in Judea. Before considering these events some Biblical and historical context should be understood. Wise Men (Magi) from the E... »

The Protest That Isn't There

We all remember when the Islamic world was protesting a viral video critical of Muhammed. But I have a question. Why don’t Christians get activist when junk like the Jesus myth video, The God Who Wasn’t There, comes out? Obviously, I do not mean “activist” to the point of assassinating people, burning things, and overturning cars. I mean a much more orderly, much more intel... »

I'm a "siccophant"

Some time ago, on YouTube, an atheist called me a “siccophant”. At about the same time,  my ministry partner Nick Peters alerted me to an item titled “Teaching Taco Bell’s Canon” by James Courter. It speaks well to the problem exemplified by this incident: One big problem is that so few students are readers. As an unfortunate result, they have erroneous, and sometimes... »

Were Jesus and Santa White?

Were Jesus and Santa White?

Recently, Megyn Kelly, a Fox News host claimed that both Jesus and Santa were white.  The topic was regarding adapting  Santa to one’s own culture; there is a good discussion to be had about this and if we should do this.  However, her remarks started to head southward when she proposed that, historically speaking, Jesus and Santa were white. Factually speaking, Jesus and Santa were not whit... »

Apologetics and the Priority Pyramid

It’s great when churches have ministries like, say, a soup kitchen, or a crisis pregnancy center. A church should have whatever ministries it can like that according to its available resources. But how can such a church have something like that, while not also in some way encouraging apologetics? Here’s the problem. All those extra ministries are performed because, at the heart of it a... »