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The Vocabulary Statistics Fallacy

In terms of the authorship of the New Testament documents, an argument that is used in many contexts for the letters of Paul (but also Peter and others) makes much over alleged vocabulary differences that indicate a difference in author. In this article, I’d like to generally discuss this sort of argument, which I consider to be of little to no use in determining the authorship of ancient document... »

Good Reasons to Believe Peter Is the Source of Mark’s Gospel

The authorship of Mark’s Gospel is of great importance to those of us making a case for the reliability of the New Testament. Mark isn’t mentioned as an eyewitness in any of the Gospel accounts. How did Mark get his information about Jesus? Why should we consider his information to be reliable? There are several good reasons to believe Peter is the trustworthy source of information for Mark, begin... »

Positive v. Negative Apologetics: A Brief Reflection & Evaluation

Positive v. Negative Apologetics: A Brief Reflection & Evaluation A distinction has often been pointed out between positive and negative apologetics. Negative apologetics is the “defensive” side of the coin; the goal is to go after arguments that have been lodged against the Christian faith; to show, perhaps, that the argument is invalid, or that some premise is faulty, or that the conclusion ... »

How to Murder Children: Bible Style – Debunked

A new Atheist meme has been making the rounds. The photo has been attributed to the “We ______ Love Atheism” Facebook page. Now, I don’t normally take a lot of time to respond to this kind of thing, but this one is just so grossly inaccurate that I felt compelled to at least comment on it briefly. »

The Church's Epic Fail

I once saw a news item on Hurricane Sandy victims which brought home a point. The interviewee, a man who had a good deal of his property lost and damaged, remarked that the government and other major organizations like Red Cross had done little or nothing for him, or had only done what they did in a manner that was less than timely. It was small groups that had really done the job of helping peopl... »

We Know God Exists: Creation

The existence of the universe proves that God exists. The fact that there is something rather than nothing proves there must be a creator. A created thing cannot create itself. Somebody has to create it. We know the universe had a beginning because scientists have proved that the origin of the universe happened in a precisely tuned moment the scientists call a “big bang”. Since things that begin t... »