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Young Theists Just Haven't Thought About it Yet

A self described “atheist, anti-theist, humanist” recently posted the following thought on Twitter: “Every time I talk to an intelligent young theist, I have hope that they simply haven’t thought about it yet.” It struck me that this sentiment is a very clear and succinct expression of how many atheists view theists. For that reason, I think it is worth consideration.... »

Take Away Hell and It's All Good…Right?

“A good and loving god wouldn’t send anyone to Hell.” This is a common objection raised by opponents of Christianity and even some Christians. The implication is that the Christian God, if He exists, isn’t good and loving since He sends some people to Hell. Therefore, even if He exists, He isn’t worthy of worship. So, the general objection is: God does X, and X is not... »

Anti-Intellectualism's Prison

Anti-Intellectualism's Prison

Religious freedom is on the decline. There is no doubt about this. Social sexual issues will slam the prison’s door on religious freedom. And the lack of desire for wisdom and knowledge within the church is the jailor. Solomon pleaded with his son to not scorn wisdom. Wisdom ought to be sought, and when it is sought it is found, and when it is found it pours out its treasure to its seeker. But whe... »

Why It’s Important to Seek a Correct Understanding of God (Orthodoxy)

The word “orthodox” does not actually appear in the Bible, but its meaning is affirmed throughout the Scriptures. The Bible describes the existence of objective Biblical truth and prescribes the teaching and defense of this truth. We’re living in an age where it’s stylish for Christians to be involved in an open “conversation” about the questions and doctrines of the faith, without making decisive... »

Getting Nostalgic over Nostalgia

Nostalgia. I have long puzzled over nostalgia. Why is it that we have such unbelievably strong feelings associated with certain past events — feelings that were not present (or were not present in the same degree) at the time of the event itself? What is the meaning of nostalgia? I have never heard a satisfactory account of nostalgia. In fact, all I have ever heard by way of so much as an ex... »

If God Allows That, I Won't Worship Him

One of the most common objections raised against the existence and/or goodness of God is the problem of evil and suffering. If God is good and powerful, then why does He allow so much pain and injustice? Admittedly, this is one of the most difficult and sensitive topics that we can discuss. It touches all of us. For that reason, I want to say from the outset that I do not suppose that what I am ab... »

Disproving Christianity is Like Killing a Zombie

Killing a zombie isn’t tricky, but it does require something specific–you have to destroy the brain. You will barely slow a zombie down by breaking his arms and legs. Even if you have a sword, you will have to get dangerously close to becoming a zombie yourself just to remove his limbs. Why not just swing for the neck? Cutting off the head will make the brain an easy target. Or, if you... »

Atheists Who Believe in Miracles

A reader of my website once wrote me to say: A month or so ago, I got into a British sci-fi T.V. show called “Doctor Who.” In one episode of the 1st seasons, aliens, in an attempt to deceive the human race, give a pig some semi-sentient qualities. Although, it doesn’t gain speech, but I don’t think my analogy needs to be direct to make the point. My point is that my impress... »

Heresies Related to the Nature of Man and the Role of the Church

We’ve been looking this month at some historic distortions related to the nature of God the Father, Jesus and Salvation. These heresies often resulted from a non-critical examination of the canonical texts (in fact, some emerged as the result of key leaders embracing non-canonical documents of one sort or another). Some of these heretical groups were sincerely trying to understand New Testament pa... »

Natural Science and the Christian Faith: Pt. 3 of 4—How Science does not Triumph over Christianity

In the last two blog posts, I began with some form of media (a painting and a video); this time, we’re heading right into the meat of things. Whether you knew it or not, there are different types of knowledge. For our purposes in this blog, we will concern ourselves with two kinds: propositional knowledge; and personal knowledge (or “knowledge by acquaintance”). Most simply, propositional knowledg... »

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