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How Can You Trust Christianity Is True When There Are So Many Unanswered Questions?

As a Christian, I have many unanswered questions. The more I study the Christian worldview, the larger my list seems to grow. While essential truths are easier to identify from scripture, there are many non-essential (and more ambiguous) features of Christianity. The unfathomable aspects of God’s nature typically leave us in awe and without adequate explanation. To make matters worse, the ancient ... »

Book Review: "It's a God Thing" by Charles Roesel

It’s a God Thing is not, strictly speaking, an apologetics book. But I want to highlight it because it mirrors an important point I’ve been making for a while. Before we begin, though, some disclosure. Charles Roesel, the author, is the son of my local ministry partner, Carey Roesel. He is also pastor emeritus of First Baptist Leesburg (FL), a prominent church in the mostly rural county to my west... »

Eternal Punishment for Temporary Crimes?

Eternal Punishment for Temporary Crimes?

As the saying goes: “The punishment should fit the crime.” We all agree that it would be unjust for a judge to sentence someone to the death penalty for a speeding ticket. But what about God sentencing people to eternal punishment for sins committed in a finite span of time? Isn’t that overkill? Christians often argue that suffering we face in this life is very temporary, almost ... »

The Time Crunch Phenomenon and Miracles

The Time Crunch Phenomenon and Miracles

When we watch movies and/or television shows, we never suppose that we are seeing every detail of the characters’ lives. Huge chunks of time and events are skimmed over, implied or simply left out. However, we tend to subconsciously put the puzzle together without asking about the missing pieces. Just because Batman is never shown brushing his teeth does not lead us to conclude that Bruce Wa... »

Natural Science and the Christian Faith: Pt. 4 of 4—Why this Discussion Matters

In the final post of this blog series on natural science and the Christian faith, I suggest three reasons that we as followers of Christ ought to familiarize ourselves with the “science-religion dialogue.” These are: first, to dispel the myth of NOMA, “nonoverlapping magisteria” (cf. Stephen Jay Gould); secondly, to clarify the notion of “levels of description”; and thirdly, to commend the Christi... »

The Time A Gun Was Pointed At My Head, And Why "Keep Your Morals To Yourself" Is Dangerous

The Time A Gun Was Pointed At My Head, And Why "Keep Your Morals To Yourself" Is Dangerous

You probably know what it’s like to be so exhausted that you find everything funny. It’s the place just before you start finding everything annoying. A time when things that would never be funny suddenly seem hilarious. These moments were commonplace during my time in a touring band. The following story is about how one of those times resulted in a gun being pointed at my head. On this... »

How Do I Share What I Believe? When Evangelism Is Like Baseball

I’ve been doing criminal interviews and interrogations for many years now, and I’ve interviewed a variety of criminal offenders (although most have been murder suspects). I’ve learned an important principle, analogous with baseball, in these repeated efforts to get to the truth: homeruns aren’t the only way to score. In fact, there are times when swinging for the fences can be a distinct liability... »

On Abuses of the Doctrine of the Sufficiency of Scripture

There is a doctrine called the sufficiency of Scripture (SoS) that is generally formulated as saying that in the Bible, God has given a revelation that gives mankind everything that is necessary to live a godly life. In one sense this is certainly true, but there is an abusive form of this doctrine in which external defining contexts — things which help us interpret and understand Scripture ... »


I was recently approached by a man who attended an introduction to apologetics seminar that I taught. He was very nice. He told me that I have a gift for taking complex ideas and making them easy to understand. He also said that he was surprised by how fun and engaging my presentation was. Lastly, he added that I really “sold” the arguments that I was making. I told him thank you, but ... »


Every time I take my car to the shop or get my oil changed, I am inevitably asked, “would you also like us to change your air filter?” Already alarmed by the amount of money I am hemorrhaging in that moment, I always say “no thank you.” They tell me that it looks really bad, but still, I politely decline. “I can just change it on my own later and save money,” I ... »

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