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Resources to Help You Defend the Deity of Jesus

Skepticism related to Jesus of Nazareth generally takes one of two forms: those who don’t even believe He ever existed, and those who acknowledge Jesus as an historical figure but deny He is God. The case for the Deity of Christ is centered on the Resurrection, but there are many other cumulative circumstantial factors to consider. I’ve written quite a bit about the Deity of Jesus, and I’ve assemb... »

LEC 8: “Vocation & GAPS in the Kingdom of God”

Calling, Vocation, Profession There are three terms which often get confused and conflated: calling, vocation, and profession. The first two of these terms are essentially synonyms; the third is quite distinct. That said, the first two terms have a primary as well as a secondary sense in which they can be understood (from the Christian perspective, at least); hence, the confusion and conflation. T... »

LEC 7: “Forming a Christian Worldview – Summary”

In today’s lecture, we want to: (1) summarize the fundamental elements of a Christian worldview – i.e., the four-fold theological theme of Creation-Fall-Redemption-Glorification/Vocation; (2) define what a worldview is; and (3) list a number of non-Christian worldviews. Let’s begin with (2).   Defining a worldview A worldview is one’s set of ABCs: affections, beliefs, and commitments. We come... »

Not Through Our Power Alone

We do not realize how big of a world problem addictions and drugs have become and how fast it increases. In the World Drug Report by United Nations in 2012 it is stated that “About 230 million people, or 5 percent of the world’s adult population, are estimated to have used an illicit drug at least once in 2010. Problem drug users number about 27 million, which is 0.6 per cent of the world adult po... »

God, Morality and The “National Freefall League”

I’ve never watched much of Keith Olbermann, but watching his two short videos on what he has dubbed the “National Freefall League” truly enlightened me on exactly how far the NFL has fallen this past year. Between the Ray Rice and Adrian Peterson scandals, the conviction of Greg Hardy for domestic abuse, last year’s bullying scandal and the widespread concussion epidemic, the league is collapsing ... »

iPhone 6 Release

Our Society and our lives can become so easily consumed by technology because it is all around us and required to do many things that we enjoy.  In current news, the iPhone 6 is getting released this Friday the 19th.  With two different versions of the iPhone 6 ranging from $200 all the way to $500 if your contract is available for upgrade, Apple has reached four million pre-orders for the new iPh... »

Every Life is a Gift from God

According to statistics from the Guttmacher Institute, about half of all pregnancies among American women are accidental and twenty-one percent of all pregnancies end in abortion. The thing most people don’t realize is that no pregnancy is accidental. Though the woman herself may not have planned for the pregnancy, God had his hand in it and he planned for that baby to come into existence. M... »


You hear your alarm ring and you naturally get up to get ready despite your tired body. You grab your bag and head out the door and into the car. You arrive at school or work and your day begins. Persistently, you pour all your time and effort into your work because you have a plan for your life – a goal that you one day hope to achieve. And so you work tirelessly and endlessly, pushing your... »

A Real Practice of Love

Fox News reported that a 70-year-old elderly couple, who was living in their car in a Pasco County Walmart parking lot, was helped by a group of girls. Dee Head, her husband Gordon, and their three dogs had been in that lot for several weeks. They had been living in Texas until early August when Gordon took a construction supervisor job in The Villages. Gordon was promised a job working on a hospi... »

An Ever Growing Wonder: How Christian Artists Identify Their Music

A topic that really stood out to me in the first week of my Foundations of Christian Thought class was the discussion of what makes Christian band and/or singer. That also brought me to the thought that (in the Christian perspective), if a singer or band is does not identify themselves as Christians, but their music has a significant uplifting message, does that still make them wrong? What qualifi... »

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