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The Best Reasons…(pt. III)

Continuing from the last post, where I have been listing what I consider the best reasons for atheism. Or if not the “best reasons, full stop”, at least the “best reasons for someone in an epistemic position kinda like mine.” Thus far I’ve listed three: The Problem of Evil, The Problem of Silence, and The Problem of the Church. This is the fourth and final reason for ... »

The Best Reasons…(pt. II)

In the previous post, I began considering a question that a friend had recently posed to me: What do you think are the best reasons to be an atheist? And what do you think are the best reasons to be a theist? So I started with what I consider to be the best reasons to be an atheist. Unsurprising to most, I started with the Problem of Evil as reason #1 (though I don’t mean the order to be ind... »

How Sufficient is Sufficient?

There is a doctrine called the sufficiency of Scripture (SoS) that is generally formulated as saying that in the Bible, God has given a revelation that gives mankind everything that is necessary to live a godly life. In one sense this is certainly true, but there is an abusive form of this doctrine that mirrors the abuse of sola scriptura, and the doctrine of perspicuity: namely, an abuse in which... »

Regarding Burke’s Dismissal from Cardinalship

When viewing Christianity in the U.S., it is easy to notice how our religion has become conflated with political standpoints. What should be seen as a grasp at higher truth and love has become a facet of political dealings. While Christianity functions as a belief system we use to guide our own lives and evaluate events happening at home or around the world, we must make sure that our Christian id... »

The Best Reasons…

I was recently asked what I consider the best reasons to be a Christian, as well as what I consider the best reasons to be an atheist or agnostic. Whew. That’s quite the question, I thought, and I realized that I had no chance of giving a good answer on the spot. Both because I knew I was incapable of articulating my thoughts on the matter without many, many words coming out of my mouth — to... »

Apologetics: A New Definition, cont.

It becomes esp. important that we capture other goods besides “truth” when we turn our attention away from a myopic focus on claims, to things like practices, attitudes, and virtues; after all, the term “true” is not really a predicate we can apply to these things. Of bigger concern to us with regards to these things is whether they are right, or rational, or appropriate, or healthy, and so forth.... »

Apologetics: A New Definition

The word “apologist”, in line with its etymological roots, is generally understood to be more-or-less synonymous with “defendant”. An apologist is someone who defends something. The begging question with regards to Christian apologetics is, Just what is it that the Christian apologist is defending? The most common answer, so it seems, and the answer which is probably implicit in the way apologetic... »

Monte Carlo will not start How to using OBD II Code Reader solve it

I have a 2002 Dale Earnhardt Monte Carlo that will not start and only the check engine light comes on. I had it read out with a OBD II scanners and it’s related to the VATS system not allowing the car to start. If I temporarily remove the battery ground and wait a few seconds then connect it will start a couple of times then repeat the same problem engine check light only no battery messages... »

First,to understand the relationship between the node jumper box and select the vehicle type diagnosis

1#:K line; 2#:K line; 3#:K line; GND:Ground wire(negative); 6#:CAN‐H; 7#:RSR232+, J1708+, K line;8#:K line; 9#:K line; 10#:K line; 11#:K line; 12#:K line; 13#:K line; 14#:CAN‐L; 15#:RSR232‐, K line, J1708‐, L line VCC: power line(Positive); POWER:Power indicator. Remark: If lack of vehicle electrical equipment knowledge or unable to confirm electrical equipment power supply, please don’t operate j... »

Take the commonly used K line communication of connection method steps make a detailed description

Connection method of K line communication diagnostic socket 1、Connection method of CAN line communication diagnostic socket K line signal voltage is 1V or so lower than battery voltage, Eg, if battery 12V, then signal voltage is about 11V, battery 24V; if battery 24V, then signal voltage is about 23V. When actually measure voltage of pin on vehicle diagnostic socket, there might be deviation of ±0... »

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