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Rules to Evaluate Alleged Bible Contradictions and Difficulties (Free Bible Insert)

I’ve been slowly working through a number of alleged Bible “contradictions” and “difficulties” here at, using simple investigative principles I’ve adapted from my casework as a cold-case homicide detective. Here is short list of the rules I typically use when evaluating eyewitness statements. The first ten principles are derived directly from my casework related to homicid... »

“If you were born in _______, then you’d be a ______.”

“If you were born in _______, then you’d be a ______.” It’s a phrase that you might have heard before, but if you haven’t you certainly will in the future. The first blank is filled with the name of a country or region and the second with a belief system. So you might hear something like, ‘If you were born in the Middle East, then you would be a Muslim.’ This phrase is the epitome of the genetic f... »

Why Are There Four Versions of the Sign on Jesus’ Cross?

It’s not uncommon for skeptics of Christianity to point to differences between the New Testament Gospel accounts as evidence of corruption or unreliability. I’ve discussed many of these alleged contradictions in my talks around the country, and I’ve written about many of them here at One example sometimes offered by critics is the sign posted above the cross of Jesus. The... »

The First Book You Need to Read in 2015

A disclaimer: Frank Turek, President of and author of I Don’t Have Enough Faith to Be An Atheist is a friend of mine. More than that, I consider Frank one of my closest friends and a true partner in ministry. But that’s not why I’m writing about his new book today. If I didn’t think Frank had written something important and special, I wouldn’t use my platform to tell you about it... »