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Yes, the Christian Worldview Is Supported by the Evidence

Richard Dawkins once famously said, “Faith is the great cop-out, the great excuse to evade the need to think and evaluate evidence. Faith is the belief in spite of, even perhaps because of, the lack of evidence.” He’s also quoted saying, “Many of us saw religion as harmless nonsense. Beliefs might lack all supporting evidence but, we thought, if people needed a crutch for consolation, where’... »

Slavery Defined by…

I recently wrote an e-book on slavery and the Bible, and made a corresponding YouTube series of videos which is still in progress. One of the key points I make is that scholars of the social sciences have a difficult time precisely defining what “slavery” is. In contrast, I find that critics of the Bible have a definition of “slavery” that matches Justice Potter StewartR... »

The Turning Point of Depravity

There are few issues in our currently social climate as pressing, as divisive, as distinguishing as the line drawn in our understanding of morality and our execution of it. What was called “wrong” and “incorrect” and known to be so by general consensus for as long as history can remember is now being, not just tolerated, but enforced, and forced to be celebrated.  The turning point is always impor... »

Legalized Prostitution

An article posted on Business Insider, 7 Reasons Why America Should Legalize Prostitution, argues for the benefits and legalization of prostitution. In my opinion, prostitution should definitely not be legalized. The article claimed that by legalizing prostitution: violence against women would decline, health of the sex workers would improve, tax revenue would be gained, law enforcement resources ... »

A Review of ‘Culture Making: Recovering our Creative Calling’ by Andy Crouch

With the assertion that culture is God’s original gift to mankind, Andy Crouch in his book Culture Making: Recovering our Creative Calling (2008) speaks to a Christian audience, motivating them to rightfully understand their calling and responsibly participate in the world as culture makers. He intends to offer a new vocabulary, a new story and new set of questions, to ultimately validate that cul... »

Promoting a Cheating Culture?

A new song was released a few months ago by Jeremih called “Don’t tell em'”. With catchy background music and easy to follow lyrics, this song became a hit in no time. What some people fail to understand though, or maybe just simply don’t care about, is that the meaning of the lyrics aren’t advising the listener to do anything positive. It starts out with the main cho... »

Me: The Center of the Universe

A few centuries after the science community rejected the geocentric model, which claimed that the earth was the center of the universe; the marketing and advertising strategists got to work and discovered a new model where the center of the universe was none other than the very person reading this blog post. We have evolved from geocentric to egocentric. “Express you.” “Grow Rich.” “Because you’re... »

Christianity and Gays

This issue has been brought to light as our nation is becoming more open to the idea of supporting the gay community. Marriage, open status in the military, and also celebrities have been opening up to the public about their sexuality. Regardless of choice or the idea of one’s sexual orientation was from birth, Christian teachings does go against the idea of being gay and have brought a spot... »

Abortion Blog

Abortion             Abortion, not a subtle topic, but rather an issue that has been propelled into a great abyss of controversy and debate, perpetually. Perhaps, a topic that has become abundantly debated, and therefore, causes an abundance of people to be enervated. I discern this to the fullest potential. It can feel like waking up every morning and feeding your heart to Godzilla. Still, I poss... »


Abortion: Lana, a five months pregnant woman aborted her baby because it was a boy.  Lana went for the abortion based on an aggravated man she met on the plane, who called Lana a very disturbed name.  Shortly after Lana heard she will be giving birth to a son and after the incident with the aggravated man, she decided and said, “I couldn’t bring another monster into the world”. The bible says, ... »

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