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Is Christianity Intolerant?

The Easter season often ushers in a period of cultural skepticism and criticism of all things “Christian”. At times like this, the issue of religious “tolerance” is sometimes raised and examined. Christians are often called intolerant, especially when examined under a new definition of tolerance that has emerged in our culture. How should we respond when people call us R... »

Christian Eugenics? A Reply to Stone

In her blog post on Christianity Today’s website, “Contraception Saves Lives,” guest author Rachel Marie Stone argues that Margaret Sanger should be praised for her efforts in preventing humans from being conceived. Stone first presents an anecdote of Sanger as a young nurse, whose mother had 18 pregnancies (seven of which ended in death). The young Sanger sought to become a nurse to care for preg... »

Do I Need Scientific, Forensic Evidence to Prove Christianity Is True?

The relationship between science and faith continues to be hotly debated in our culture today. Eric Metaxas’ recent viral Wall Street Journal article, “Is Science Leading Us to God?” certainly reignited the discussion. His brief description of the teleological, fine-tuning parameters of the universe became the most-read online article the Journal has ever published. Even more recently, CNN has now... »

Honoring the Sabbath

There seems to be at least some fundamental difference between the 10 Commandments and the rest of the Old Testament legal code. While Jesus fulfills the Levitical system, freeing his people from the more idolatry related stipulations given to the Israelites in the wake of the Golden Calf episode (Ex. 32), the 10 Commandments seem to stand firm as instructions for the people of God today. In the w... »