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Gandhi 2: The Vengeance of the Bogus Quote!

About a year and a half ago I posted an analysis here about a bogus quotation of Mahatma Gandhi that is frequently used as a “shut up” against Christians. Well, recently, I had someone answer it…with another bogus quote from Gandhi. Enjoy the irony as I bust this second quote, in cartoon format. »

The Limits of Accidental Christianity

I spent last weekend in Wisconsin with pastor (and Packer’s Chaplain) Troy Murphy and his family of believers at Green Bay Community Church. They hosted an “Accidental Faith” Seminar on Saturday and we talked about the case for truth, the case for God’s existence and the case for the Resurrection. I was very impressed with the number of people who came out on a beautiful, w... »

Sand production line layout

Pebbles sand making machine (new sand making machine) is famous for its high wear resistance, compared with other types of sand making equipment, its service life is longer, all parts of production loss including the wearing parts, small, reduce user costs, reduce maintenance and repair is the best chance, sand making machine in twenty-first Century. A pebble sand making machine production line co... »