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Why the New Pew Report Ought to Energize Us As Christian Case Makers

Yesterday’s release of the Pew Research Center’s report, “America’s Changing Religious Landscape,” affirms what most of us already know: Fewer and fewer people in America identify themselves as “Christian”. I’ve been reading the reaction to the poll with great interest. Many of us seem to still be in denial about this continuing trend away from the Church; some interpret the statistics as little m... »

An Open Letter to Erwin Lutzer, Regarding “Hitler’s Cross”

An open letter to: Erwin Lutzer Pastor, Moody Bible Church   Dear Pastor Lutzer,   This letter is written to request that you assume responsibility for, and publicly correct, serious errors in your book Hitler’s Cross.   In that book you incorrectly identify Adolf Hitler as involved in the occult. Your source material for this thematic claim is entirely unreliable and should not hav... »

Cooper Ella Top – Kennedy Deep V-Tank

库珀艾拉顶 – 肯尼迪深V背心白色的背心与库珀和艾拉纯粹和小孔管的加入奢华是当代基本适合各种场合。 免费送货,甚至更快的内切圆的设计师库珀云裳。在商店内曼·马库斯的最新选择的顶尖设计师的时装。 库珀和艾拉,女装在,提供现代能源,风格和萨克斯…库珀和艾拉的个性化服务-海利碎花印花背心。涤纶干洗进口V型领,无袖,仿包前,鸡眼和纯粹的管道的细节,单衣韩式休闲宽松圆领印花长袖连衣裙库珀埃拉顶-肯尼迪深V背心_2·库珀和艾拉顶…库珀和艾拉顶- Bloomingdale的独家点缀短Sleeve_2·库珀和艾拉…库珀和Ella路易斯顶库珀和Ella券库珀和Ella卡拉上衣库珀和Ella萨克斯库珀和Ella Instagram的库珀和Ella服装库珀和Ella哈珀双V槽库珀和Ella尺寸图 »

Nation LTD Tank – Myrtle Beach Burnout Nation LTD’s breezy reboot of the spring essential is sheer genius, with an easy, loose drape and cool burnout treatment. A Nation LTD office favorite, the Myrtle Beach is back! Easy fit scoop neck tank with rounded hem. Bra-friendly straps. This is the version in our super-soft pcr. A Nation LTD office favorite, the Myrtle Beach is back in brand ... »

How Humility Helps Us Hear the Gospel

I’ve been writing recently about jury selection. If you are interested in making a case for what you believe as a Christian, you probably already recognize the importance of preparation. You know how important it is to investigate the issues and evidences diligently and to train yourself to articulate the arguments and philosophical premises. You may even envision yourself as a character in a cour... »