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The greatest shift in American society has been the want for change, the desire to rid ourselves of the old and embrace the new. For the world, racial equality was the beginning to an upward spiral, the integration of African Americans in a white society was transformative and empowering, we as a country were finally able to see what we could accomplish when fought for, united. Now as we look at t... »

Impact Blog Post

While California has its issues, there is a homeless crisis occurring in New York City. The report says there are many people living on the streets for a number of reasons. “A city with homeless on its streets is a city that has no love of its people,” says the former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani. Shouldn’t we love everyone like how God loves us? 1 John 4:7 from the bible states,” Beloved, le... »

Music for the Soul

Music has a major impact in many aspects of our lives. It can influence our thoughts, motivations, and actions with the words flowing out from the minds of artists who create such pieces. However, how do we know which artists are truly beneficial to our souls? How do we decide which things are Christian enough to listen to and which should be completely avoided? There are many artists who do not n... »

Racial Equality

In our country recently, racism has been put in the spotlight due to numerous police officer related violence.  In all honesty, it would be stupid to ignore the fact that this is a problem in our country.  It is hard for me to handle that people still think less of other people based off things like race and religion in our culture.  People are people.  We are all the same.  No matter what we look... »

Foundations of Christian Thought

             The issue of same-sex marriage has been bringing up many conflicts and objections for the past years. Even after the legalization of same-sex marriage, many hold opposite opinions of the legalized law. Here are some reasons why same-sex marriage should have not been legalized in not some, but in any of the states in the United States.              Legalizing same-sex marriage is disob... »

Foundations of Christian Thought Impact Blog Post

I am fairly confident that if I said: “marriage has always been a sacred union,” nobody would argue with me on that. Assuming that is the case, why is it that the definition of the word “marriage” has become so loosely interpreted in the past few years? Looking over the past several decades, it is evident that, when it came to the concept of marriage, the couples involved h... »

Christians love homosexuals

I’m going to talk about how Christians really feel towards legalizing gay marriage. Christianity often gets a bad reputation by a few extremists voicing their opinion as if they speak for all Christians. After all true followers of Christ are supposed to love everyone as God loves everyone. Think about how God would feel if one of his beloved children directly disobeyed him. Its like a spit ... »

Impact Blog Post

In recent years a new technology with incredible potential has started to gain ground, its actually one of the main reasons that I decided on my major of computer science. The technology is virtual reality or V.R. as it is also called. The first time virtual reality was attempted was in the 80’s with Nintendo but that ended up being cancelled because computers were not powerful enough to hav... »

Impact Blog Post: Gender Identity at Public Schools

The law AB1266, along with the subsequently increasing number of gender neutral bathrooms in public schools in the United States, is a cause of some concern. Although proponents claim that it will make the transgender community more comfortable and at ease (Zablit), what of those who are not of said community? One concern is that people will claim to be of the LGBT community to, for example, gain ... »

Gay Marriage: Born This Way

            “Baby, I was born this way!” was the main phrase in Lady Gaga’s song, “Born This Way”. Many people claim that their homosexuality is something they were born with and something they have no control over. That statement is very true in that people were born with those attractions, but it is false in the sense that those people can have the control over their desires. God created man and... »

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