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REVIEW: You Will Be Made to Care

REVIEW: You Will Be Made to Care

Many people scoff at the idea that Christians are being persecuted against in this country. True, Christians aren’t being murdered for their faith but persecution takes many forms. Persecution takes the form of harassment, insults, bullying, and stealing. If persecution is understood in this way, then the persecution of Christians in America is actually happening at a surprising rate and in a very... »

Hurting with Ferguson

Hurting with Ferguson It’s come to my attention that when people hear the term “ black lives matter,” there are two different responses. Some respond with “ Yes, black lives do matter” and others try to correct the phrase and say “ all lives matter.” Those who say “ all lives matter” fail to recognize that they are eliminating race in this phrase and therefore ignoring racial issues with that phra... »

In my Mind but not my Heart

I took my first apologetics class in 8th grade and the most powerful insight I have held onto ever since only took my teacher 5 seconds to say: no one believes in God because they lost an argument. I did not realize how much of a reality this would become at the time. I am big on the logic side of everything and to me God just makes sense; but that is all.  I have attended Christian institutions s... »

Police Officers: Wolves or Sheep Dogs?

America is the land of movements and revolutions. Since before our nation began we have had a tendency to break out of the norm. Movements today include same sex marriage, pro-choice, and #BlackLivesMatter. All these movement are filled with good intentions, but it’s difficult to ignore the repercussions of such movements as #BlackLivesMatter. Police brutality is a very real thing. It’s undeniable... »


Our world is a gift. We have been given this wonderful planet that is full of beauty, resources and many other beneficial things to enjoy. It can provide for nations and wow the masses, but despite these facts we are destroying it. The earth is slowly being killed by it’s own inhabitants. The pristine planet that once was is now full of pollution, toxins, and destruction. And it’s been a collectiv... »


Because of the fall of humanity, people they assume that abortion now a days is ok. Our moral code has been adjusted due to social norms even though deep down we know what is morally wrong we justify it due to the complexities of cultural differences. Each individual life that is created is priceless.There are many reason why abortion should not be allowed. I don’t know about you but I would never... »

The Effects of Gender in the Media

Defenders of the media sometimes argue that while media portrayals are often sexist, their effects are benign. “That only happens on television,” they say. “People don’t really believe that stuff.” There is evidence, though, that contradicts their argument; many people do believe that stuff. The majority of research on media effects has focused on television largely b... »

Impact Blog Post

  sexual Immorality I am writing this all from my prospective as a Christian. Nowadays, we live in the world where sex before marriage is fine and accepted in the community especially here in the United state. On the other hand, from where I come from sex before marriage is not appropriate, at least in the just in the community that I grow up in. I do not know what kind of culture people in m... »

Impact Blog Post

The statistics are staggering.  The images are gut-wrenching.  The needs are real.  Something CAN be done. We see it on the news and read about it in newspapers.  It seems so far away and hopeless – but we can make a difference.  In Mukono, Uganda, there is an organization that is working diligently to help the poor gain access to education, clean water, and health services. Empower and Care... »

Blog post- Euthanasia

Euthanasia can be described as a method of ending a life early in order to end pain and suffering which is also known as “Mercy Killing”. From a legal perspective, it is only legal in Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg and now includes the states of Oregon, Washington, and Montana. As said by the Encyclopedia of American Law, “mercy killing” is a type of criminal homicide. Therefore, this tim... »

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