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What Can We Do for the Persecuted Church?

I have a few Christian friends who are from overseas, including one very good friend who is from Indonesia. Persecution of Christians happens there, though not on the same scale as in places like Iran or Saudi Arabia. But it struck me one day to ask my friend what seems to be an obvious question: “What can we, as Christians in America, do for the persecuted church in other nations?” Wh... »

Did Jesus Commit Suicide?

I was asked to look into this question, that on the surface, may seem absurd: Did Jesus commit suicide? Before answering, it is necessary to lay some groundwork. Initially, the question may be asked of a critic, with a certain defining context associated with modernity and the Western world. In our daily experience, “suicide” comes with specific associations: A person who is mentally u... »

Fun with the End of the World

Why is predicting the end of the world so popular? I had this question asked of me by a young Christian who was a new convert. He’s a very intelligent fellow, and it didn’t take him long to see that there was a top-heavy focus on the “end of the world” concerns out there, as any trip down the aisle of your local Family Bookstore will also suggest, both in the fiction and the non-fiction section. A... »

The Futility of Apologetics

Fear not, that’s not an announcement that I’m quitting the game. It’s more like an observation after many years of playing it. Let me give two illustrations. Recently I was hired to do a freelance writing assignment for the magazine associated with Creation Ministries International. They’ve asked me to write several articles over the years, ever since I first broke into the field in 1998. (The stu... »