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Is Satan in Ezekiel 28?

For this week I’ve got an entry from my e-book answering Mark Fairley’s FUEL Project. *** I’ll have to be fair here. The idea that Satan’s “biography” is told in Isaiah 14 and Ezekiel 28 isn’t some sort of fringe position. Many serious scholars think it is correct, and I won’t take anything away from them on that account; however, many serious scholars also doubt the identification, an... »

Hitler and “Positive Christianity”

For postings today I’m providing a copy of the first chapter of my e-book Hitler’s Christianity, which is nearing its third birthday. ** Chapter 1 — Positive Christianity: Doctrines and Background The fundamental core of our case is that Hitler and Nazi leaders adhered to a cult system called “Positive Christianity.” By defining Positive Christianity as a cult, we are arguing tha... »

Brexit and the End

Many people are talking about the economic chaos that will be ahead because of the “Brexit” vote, but I predict that at least one industry will benefit substantially from it: The “end times” ministry business. In fact, I’m sure John Hagee already has another book drafted to explain why it’s a sign of the end, and yes, he’s really serious THIS time. (Buy 10 copies, one for you, 9 ... »