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Welcome to Social Apologetics! is a website exclusively built for Christians to network with one another and to learn more about apologetics. The chief aim of Social Apologetics is the intellectual edification and evangelistic preparation for believers. This, we believe, is the first task of apologetics.

If this is your first time visiting our website, here’s a bit more on how it works and the ways you can get involved:

Network By clicking on the Network tab or any sub-menu options you’ll be taken to items pertaining to the social networking aspect of the website. Here you’ll find your own profile which you can modify and begin networking with other people. You can even form private groups to discuss issues together or message people privately.

Blogs The Blogs section is where you can read blog posts written by others or where you can give blogging a shot, yourself. Blogging allows us to think more about what we want to argue and how we’re going to argue it. It seems like a better way to discussion important matters than forums, twitter, or facebook threads.

Forums The Forums sections is a place where you can create, participate, and read threads by people just like yourself, people who may have questions or who want to help others by providing answers to curious questions.

A future feature will include, Events: This section of the site is strongly dependent upon user generated information. It’s where people can input apologetics events in their area to help other people know. Who knows, maybe you can meet up with someone who lives right around the corner from you!

Get Started: To get involved at Social Apologetics, create a membership account. It’s free and allows you to create a profile and network with other members. You will also be able to post your own thoughts and comment on other member’s blogs.