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Welcome to Social Apologetics! comes from a former website project of’s: RealClearApologetics was founded by yours truly, and over time the intention of the website changed. It began to evolve into a social networking site (with a blogging feature) for members. After discussion with some of the staff we decided to create a whole new website th... »

Sex Replaces Religion

The culture has elevated sex into a distinctly spiritual dimension such that it is the ultimate end. This is evidenced by the fact that one is encouraged-nay-mandated to find one’s personal identity in one’s sexual pursuits. As a thought experiment, imagine a person falls somewhere on the LGBTQ spectrum and DOESN’T find their fundamental personal identity in that fact. It’s... »


Book Review: Christ-Centered Apologetics

Christ Centered Apologetics is a new book from Crosslink Publishers which presents arguments for the historic Jesus. The book defends the claim that the New Testament is accurate in what it says about Jesus.  Christian Apologetics – the defense of Christianity which uses science, philosophy, and scholarship to support the truth of Christian beliefs – has, of recent years, become more and more phil... »

Answering “Questions Christians Can’t Answer” #50 THE FINAL QUESTION!

This is the final question in this fifty question series – posted one-a-day over the course of the last 50 days. It’s been quite a ride answering the “Top 50 Questions Christians Can’t Answer” article. This last question serves as a perfect wrap-up for the series thanks for sticking to the series! Why have logic if you’re not going to use it? 50 – Why woul... »

Answering “Questions Christians Can’t Answer” #49 Why do Christians Evade Questions?

Over the course of this ten-article series, this column has examined a list of questions leveled by skeptic R. E. Puckett in his Yahoo Voices segment entitled “Top 50 Questions Christians Can’t Answer“. Once a believer himself, Puckett became convinced that Christianity does not hold up under the light of intellectual scrutiny, and that when the curtain is pulled back, the basis ... »

Answering “Questions Christians Can’t Answer” #48 God as Mass Murderer?

Christianity is a pretty questionable religion, right? That’s what Thomas Neil thinks, and expresses in his Bukisa article, “Top 50 Questions Christians Can’t Answer“. This article series takes a look at each of the 50 questions – one question at a time. It’s fair to mention at the outset that Neil isn’t particularly interested in a debate so much as shutt... »

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