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Throughout history, war and violence have corrupted our world. World War II especially saw great evil with the deaths of not only thousands of soldiers, but innocent women and children as well. The Holocaust was a great devastation that we are able to still look back on and cringe at the cruelty humankind had the ability to create. With the Syrian Civil War continuing today, a very similar outcome is taking place for so many refugees attempting to flee into European countries. For many, they believe there is no hope. Many borders were shutting their doors on the immigrants. However, a beam of light was shown to these so many desperate individuals. In early September, it was announced that European countries, strictly Germany and Iceland, were required by law to accept at least 160,000 migrants through their borders. This was the answer to so many prayers of these Syrian families. Again, this is extremely similar to the many families fleeing their home countries during the Second World War, after the United States momentarily closed its borders from people who needed it.

Darkness will always be overcome by the light, and this is a great example of darkness slowly being defeated. Not only are the doors opening for so many families there is more help coming. Many organizations, such as Doctors Without Borders, UNICEF, UNHCR, and The International Rescue Committee are too coming to the rescue. They are supplying so many blessings such as needed medical care and supplies, education, and counseling to those who desperately need to talk.

The world today is still feeling the effects of the Second World War, and continue to learn from the so many mistakes humanity made. This similar situation will too leave a great impact on the world. Many people learn from the mistakes mankind has created in the past, and it is ever individual’s want and need to make the world a better place than what it was before. People today, and the so many years to come will be able to look back on this situation as well and see all the hatred, but also the overpowering love and learn how to create a powerful light, even in the darkest situations.

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