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When life puts you against the ropes, all one can do is take a deep breath and ask God for guidance. Even after 10 years had passed, hurricane Katrina has not only left a hole in some people’s hearts, but also in their bank accounts. Once Katrina had hit, news teams had mostly focused on  what had happened in New Orleans that they completely left out other nearby cities that had been destroyed. In Mississippi, there is a town called Pearlington that had been completely destroyed due to a 30ft wall of water that had came in through the Pearl River. When the waves flooded and crashed into the city, the post office, schools, and other local business had turned into rebel. The people of this town have been placed in the back of the line as it seems like their problems are not as important. Even if their town is not as big as the other neighboring cities, someone has to note that there is a hand reaching out for help.

           After a decade has passed, the town’s population reduced to about 40% because most people had accepted buy outs from the government in order to move away from the Gulf of Mexico. Others only had stayed because as property value went down, taxes and insurance sky rocketed. Additionally, the ones that stayed are looking for something that can provide them a sense of hope. For an example, after “Pastor Gregory Trumbach opened the [church] ceremony by asking, “How do you get through a storm like Katrina?” The people in the audience screamed “prayer!” Margaret Furey, a 43 year old woman from Pearlington said, “It took away our homes and our earthly possessions, but it couldn’t take away our faith.” Thus, nothing is more supportive and effective than having God’s power on your side.

            With all odds against them, the only person that can save these civilians is our Lord and Savior. When Jesus Christ, the son of God, came down to Earth and healed the sick, He brought a sense of Hope. His focus was not to help save these people physically, but to save them mentally. With Jesus in your heart, one may never fear evil as God is divine. These people in the town of Pearlington, Mississippi have lost almost everything due to natural causes, however, they remain under God’s wing. With God’s love, He will never leave one’s side because everyone is a child of God. He brought us into this world and wants to help us through every tough situation. Nothing is impossible in the eyes of our Lord so by staying faithful to Him, He may bring one guidance. When one is struggling and looking for someone to help them, reach out to the Lord and ask Jesus to come into your heart. In times of struggle, I reach out my hand and pray that God may put his hand over the civilians of Pearlington so they may feel His Gracious support.

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