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This is the 47’th entry in the article series which examines the “Top 50 Questions Christians Can’t Answer“.

The nature of these questions isn’t so much what might be seen in a professional Christian/atheist debate as it is the kind of thing the office atheist might pester the office Christian with.

Even so, such questions deserve to be addressed, as they are the type of thing one is more likely to run into in the real world, and for the very reason that one is unlikely to see them taken into account in the larger realm of Apologetics, which tends to address the larger questions, rather than the minutia.

These questions can sometimes be abrupt and condescending, but nevertheless, they will be answered as politely as is possible.

Now on to Question 47.

What about the long lives in the Bible?




47 – How did Adam live to 930, Seth 912 and Methuselah 969 years old when anthropological evidence shows that we have progressively increased our longevity throughout history?  If they did live that long back then, this concept would be reversed and our longevity should have been decreasing throughout history, right? That would mean that people 500 years ago should have lived to at least 200 years old. Why do we not find evidence of this throughout written historical birth and death records as well as archaeological and anthropological evidence? 



There are a total of three possibilities: The first is that these accounts are entirely fictional. If so, this may cast doubt upon the overall accuracy of scripture, or at least the book of Genesis (already highly contested), but does not defeat Christianity. The second is that the measurements of age in these chapters has been misunderstood in the modern age, and served some other function in the ancient Hebrew texts. The third is that these people descended from the genetically supreme first man and woman, and that their longevity was a result of their genetic supremacy. As the human race has diversified and the gene pool has thinned, the human life-span has significantly deteriorated. The increase in human longevity in recent years is due almost entirely to advances in medical science, not to an improvement in human genetic structure.

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