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The culture has elevated sex into a distinctly spiritual dimension such that it is the ultimate end.

This is evidenced by the fact that one is encouraged-nay-mandated to find one’s personal identity in one’s sexual pursuits. As a thought experiment, imagine a person falls somewhere on the LGBTQ spectrum and DOESN’T find their fundamental personal identity in that fact. It’s tantamount to cultural heresy.

To generalize it a bit: imagine one has some kind of sexual desire and chooses to refuse themselves that desire. That just can’t be allowed.

In secular culture, sex has largely replaced religion as the definer of meaning and purpose in life. 

One might say that, yeah, sex is pleasurable, but why make it the ultimate ambition? 

It is possibly BECAUSE of the spiritual aspect. In addition to being pleasurable, it is intensely personal.

If I may go so far as to quote scripture, “the two become one flesh.”

The flesh desires pleasure, but the soul desires intimacy and acceptance. Only in the act of sex may a person have both simultaneously.

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