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Accept everyone regardless of sexual orientation. Marry anyone you want despite their gender or age. These are just a couple of ideas that in the past few years have brought a lot of turmoil in the western culture. Regardless of whether you think these ideas are morally correct or not, does this type of behavior and “tolerance” of everyone actually have the opposite effect? Starting back in the 1960’s with the banning of prayer in schools that seemed to set the stage for a whole new way of looking at things. Suddenly God and religion were slowly being shoved out of the education system and with that a sort of confusion in the moral standards of our culture. Now only a short fifty years later we have stores changing their layout to be non-gender specific and Planned Parenthood selling the body parts of murdered babies all in the name of tolerance.  If I say that the legalization and funding of abortions is ok and the right thing to do, but someone comes up and it truly goes against their moral conscience what are we to do then? Asking them to be tolerant of your view turns into you being intolerant of their view! Its the same with religion. If I’m Jewish and you say that I can’t be because thats intolerant of other religions than there can never be a winner. Its the same story over and over again, the society that attempts at a utopian lifestyle ends up being the most imbalanced and restricting society of all. Could it be that by attempting to increase freedom and tolerate every view and walk of life,  we are actually taking away freedom and having a very narrow minded outlook? It seems to be that at least in the western culture things are and will be rapidly changing. It is up to every person to decide whether or not they want to be able to have their own moral convictions even if it goes against the culture or if they will buy into this idea of tolerance.

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