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“Alabama is updating its decade-old science standards to require that students understand evolution and learn about climate change”


How will this affect the religious community within Alabama?

What about the religious community nationwide?

Should these communities be concerned?

Will this affect how other states’ schools teach science?

My honest answer to all of these questions is, I don’t know. It seems to me like The Associated Press is attempting to make a bigger deal out of this situation than it actually is. The state of Alabama has decided, unanimously, to require their students to learn and understand the theories of evolution. If anything, this seems like a natural course to take for a predominantly Christian community, especially in the “Bible Belt State.” If you hold a firm belief, specifically a religious one, then it only makes sense that you’d want to also understand opposing belief systems, i.e. evolution. What solidifies my stance on the subject is the fact that Alabaman educators came right out and stated that “the new rules… don’t require that students believe in evolution or accept the idea that climate is changing globally.” Simply because state schools are requiring their students to learn about a particular theory for a particular subject (evolution and science) does not obligate those students to undertake those theories as their own beliefs. It feels as though The AP is trying to provoke evolutionist and creationist communities by bringing up differences that have already been established for years. It would seem, then, that it is up to society to proceed with caution. Either one of the parties could lash out with negativity towards the other. In the same way, either party could come back with compromise or constructive criticism of the situation. Or neither party could give these new school standards any thought and society could continue as it has throughout history.Whether or not either community takes the ‘high road’ is not for me to determine, though. It’s ultimately up to them.

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