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      Although India is a country full of vibrant colors, unique culture, and delicious food, it is also one full of religious warfare. This country is one third of the United States in size and yet has one billion more people than we do. Eighty percent of India is comprised of Hindus, thirteen percent of Muslims, and two percent of Christians. Recently, the Indian Government signed a document planning to specifically get rid of Christians and Muslims by the year 2021. Their goal is to convert the entire Indian population to Hinduism. If one agrees to convert, they are rewarded with 10,000 American dollars and a piece of land.

      As time has passed, it has become increasingly difficult for religions other than Hinduism to thrive in India. For example, missionaries are no longer able to get visas to enter into the country and the government is planning on taking over churches. Although the Christian population is growing, the Hindu population is as well. India is not willing to welcome other religions, cultures, or people. They want to uphold their values and beliefs for as long as possible. Because India is such a poverty stricken country, the idea of $10,000 and property is very alluring. As of now, this is a peaceful form of persecution towards religions other than Hinduism. This may be effective for the Indian government for now, however only time will tell if it will be a lasting solution.

      Religion is a belief, not a bribe. To India, God is just another one of their millions of gods. They have not and will not change if action is not taken. The government should play no part in what their country as a whole believes and should not be allowed to bribe their people into a religion they do not individually choose to be apart of. This country needs hope and direction so that their government will not be able to fully control their actions and beliefs.

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