Donald Trump, Second Chances, and Human beings.

Do you think Donald Trump has heard the phrase “everybody deserves a second chance”? Regardless your views on immigration and or whether or not you like Mexicans, let us remember certain comments which could be offensive, were directed to human beings. Let us also remember we can insult others when expressing our beliefs publicly.

Donald Trump and I declare ourselves to be Christians. What view should a Christian take on illegal immigration? I hope to challenge you to ask yourself another question: What view should a Christian take on human beings, regardless of ethnicity or legal status?

Christians reference the Bible as their guide to carry out their lives. When we analyze the creation of human beings, according to the Bible, we see humans were made in God’s image, and it was a good creation. Donald Trump and his supporters would argue that certain humans are no longer part of this good creation by God because they are criminals and rapists. We can all acknowledge that human beings are not perfect.

I agree with Trump that there are some bad human beings out in the world. The Bible acknowledges that human beings are no longer a good creation and offers a solution: a second chance. This second chance is from their Creator who created a new way for its creation or humans to become good again. This is a large cornerstone of the Christian faith: that human beings can go from being bad human beings to good human beings.

Taking this into consideration I would challenge you to begin with these thoughts before building an opinion about illegal immigration: Human beings were good created by God. Human beings chose to corrupt themselves and become bad. God has offered a way to become good again.

The United States Constitution, whether you agree with the content or not, is centered upon this statement: “all men were created equal”. This country also has a judicial system that allows human beings that committed a crime to serve their penalty, which allows them a second chance. I believe when we acknowledge all human beings the way the Bible leads us to, we may be able to give other humans a second chance or at least be nicer to other humans while arguing with each other on social media.

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