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A late night conversation last night brought to my attention the possibility that Hollywood has been infiltrated by men of Faith. Not merely the surfaced opinion and belief IN God but an outward demonstration of Faith. “Guardians of the Galaxy” star Chris Pratt was quoted commenting on what it was like dealing with a premature baby as it having “It restored my faith in God, not that it needed to be restored, but it really redefined it”. soon after there was an article stating that Chris Pratt was going to leave out intimate scenes from his career because they clashed with his Faith. What exactly is Faith? Faith in Hebrew is the word “Emunah”. The root word Aman meaning “secure” or “firmly rooted” and Emun meaning “craftsman”, therefore there is action imbedded in the meaning of Faith. It transcends just knowing God and it facilitates being firmly rooted in action as a crafter of this “Faith”. So are men like Chris Pratt who are speaking scripts into life on screen considered Christian? If we were to meticulously finely comb through all of his lines and characters played  thus far would we see a Christian? Probably not. I was a huge fan of Guardians of The Galaxy however, I do believe that he maintains a sense of integrity where it really matters which are in the racier topics such as limitations on what portions of intimate and very personal life will be “sold out” for a scene. It brings me great joy to observe that amidst the pressures of the Hollywood scene which can be very vain there are still a few people who are exhibiting their Faith in a region that can be very dry soil for it. I hope that Chris Pratt understands the trickle down effect of this tabloid “rumor” that happens to be true and not counterfeit. The benefits of holding such a post where many eyes are observing is that he has now become a sort of “hero” for taking a stance on his beliefs and a great role model for other men AND women (lets not gender limit here) who believe that social avenues are difficult to navigate at that level of saturation. The momentum has been set…. Men Being Godly Men in Hollywood!

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