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Most people believe that women should have equal rights to lead in all positions of power known to man, and I certainly agree with them on specific points.  However, I myself am a woman, and I know that my emotions can turn me from a rational human being into a person with questionable morals, let alone leading skills.  Letting the men lead the world, for the most part, is sometimes not such a bad idea, as men tend to be less emotional and better suited for working physically for a living.  Women, on the other hand, are happy to be able to raise their own children and are usually able to keep their house in a breathable, hygienic, living condition.  Of course, there are exceptions; some women love the outdoors and love working in the yard or garden, and their husbands are exceptional cooks and caretakers.  This all sounds very old-fashioned for a 21st century teenage girl’s opinion; and fortunately, we are smart, strong, independent women of the 21st century, thank you very much.  Yet, my personal experience tells me that most women desire a man who can give them love and guidance.  This is not a weakness; it is simply our in-born natural desire.  Love is the greatest desire and want of all women.  Some women seek to gain it through control; others demand that it to be given unconditionally to them only; and others silently pine for it, or simply express their need for it in various forms of art, or by reading romance novels and watching chick flicks.  According to the Family Research Council, 64.6 million Americans read at least one romance novel in the past year, and 78% of those readers were female (1).  So comes the ultimate question: can what we are searching for truly be found by trying to out-rule and dominate over the men in our lives?  Traditional family images, with a man working for the family, and a woman working in the family, live longer, fuller, and more content lives, and are less likely to divorce, as University of Virginia psychologist Mavis Hetherington admits (31).  This, along with numerous other pieces of evidence, shows that while many of us search for our fulfillment through control, what we are looking for is not found in that, but rather in a respectful and loving relationship between men and women.

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