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The word “Love” is such a easy word to throw out and say, but at times really hard to mean. In life today there has been some constant battle between the gay community, and the church for admission to a christian university. Feeling as the church is judging those who are in the gay community the right to attend because of what they believe is right. Many of us get so caught up with what we believe is right and end building this type of hate or hostility towards one another. Instead of trying to change these private institutions there should be a focus on seeing that, as much as the gay community do not want to change their outlook on their beliefs, they should not force these private institutions to change theirs. These christian private institutions are filled with so many talented professors that instruct love, compassion, and just develop great people that are soon integrated to the many professions of this world. These scholars leave the school with those same teachings and apply them to their jobs, and practice that same love, and compassion with everyone they come in contact with. As much as many see the christian universities as damming the gay community they are not. The christian community loves everyone and expresses that through what they believe. The christian worldview is filled with a positive outlook on every individual no matter what the belief. They love because they are loved. To be in this constant bumping heads and pointing fingers many lose sight on what love is. Saying love all, but really meaning love those who believe in what I believe is just a contradiction. Everyone practices with what their own convictions are, but at the end it is practicing within what they believe. Love falls in the category of ones own convictions at the end, and instead of this intent on aligning mainstream beliefs of society to these private christian universities there should be an influence of positivity and love that these scholars provide to society.

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