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Human Trafficking is all around. Trafficking has become a major global issue, despite its predominance in third world countries it can occur anywhere in the world, even urban, first-world areas such as San Diego. My hometown, San Diego, is known for the sunny weather and beautiful beaches, the perfect place for tourism. People travel from all over just to come to this lovely city. According to the District Attorney, “San Diego was identified by the FBI as of the top thirteen high intensity child prostitution areas” ( Reading this is absolutely shocking. How can such a beautiful city be full of crime? People are unaware that San Diego is one of the highest prostitution areas. We choose to ignore this problem because we want to believe that San Diego is a wonderful and safe place to live. There are about 1.5 million victims in just North America alone. The saddest part is that ninety-nine percent of these victims are never rescued. The reason why this continues to thrive today, is because of the low risk and high profit. There is low risk for traffickers because they are able to get away with trafficking humans and they feel that the profit is so high that it defeats the risk of being caught. Government officials are not well trained to look for these traffickers and there is very low community awareness of this issue. One of the reasons that victims are hardly ever rescued is that there are not enough resources for them to be able to be rescued and survive. Since there is both labor and sex trafficking, traffickers are able to appeal to a larger group of people, expanding the number of buyers. They can market to these people and charge them whatever they need. Since it is like supply and demand, the more people purchase humans, the more traffickers benefit. The entire industry is terrible because people every day are tricked into prostitution or labor trafficking and they are lost to society for forever. People in our society have a hard time believing that horrific crimes, like prostitution and labor trafficking, happen so close to our homes. There are organizations out there like A21 Campaign, whose focus is to educate and bring awareness to our society on the horrors of Human Trafficking. They also focus on the 1-2% of victims that survive and escape the trafficked world. The survivors typically focus on preventing young girls and boys from being tricked into this modern slavery. Human Trafficking hit home for me because many kids who are put into foster care end up on the streets and then end up in prostitution or trafficked.




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