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sexual Immorality

I am writing this all from my prospective as a Christian. Nowadays, we live in the world where sex before marriage is fine and accepted in the community especially here in the United state. On the other hand, from where I come from sex before marriage is not appropriate, at least in the just in the community that I grow up in. I do not know what kind of culture people in my country have now, but sex before marriage was a sensitive topic back in my old days. From what I know, now all the culture around the world is changing. They have been influence by other culture and no more one hundred percent pure from where they came from. I heard quite a lot of my married by accident because of sexual immorality. From world perspective, I do not really think that it is wrong for having sex before marriage with someone that you love. If we want to do it, then do it safely and do not make our parents embarrass for what we did. As a Christian, it wrong as it had been said in the bible more than 3 times that sexual immorality is wrong. We as Christian believe that our body is the temple of the Holy Spirit, and we are responsible to keep it pure. Sexuality is God’s sacred wedding gift for us. We can only enjoy it once we are married with someone.

There are some common excuses about sexual immorality. People always said we can have sex before marriage because we are in love in each other. The bible talks about sex within marriage is blessed by God and sex before marriage is sexual immorality. It never says distinction between loving and unloving. Some of us will think like, God is understanding God so he would understand us why we did this and that. It is wrong to think this way, God knows if we purposely choose sin and He cares about it. We need to keep His commands to know Him, and those who do not do what God commands them to do is a liar if he/she says that they know God.

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