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Kim Davis, a Kentucky county clerk, refused to allow same-sex marriage license to be issued under her name, and as a result was sent to jail. Kim Davis explained that she did not approve of these marriage licenses being issued under her name because of her religious beliefs. As Americans we should have the right to deny service to anyone whom we please. I believe it is part of a Christians calling to stand up for what is just and to not allow the government to force anyone into doing something that is against their convictions.

Although it is part of her job to issue these licenses, Kim Davis refuses to resign from her job. However, I believe it is not against the law to protest in a nonviolent way against something you do not believe in. Davis even suggested that if there was a way her name would not be printed on the license, she would have no opposition to the licenses being issued as long as she was not personally affiliated with them. The idea was refused because if her name is not on the licenses they would be deemed invalid.

Several people of the Bible have been imprisoned for their faith. Although Davis is not preaching and being imprisoned because of her teachings to mass amounts of people, she is advocating for her faith in a way that is not harming anyone, but may only be a mere inconvenience. Similar to the case in Colorado, A Christian baker refused to produce a cake for a homosexual couple and was sued for their denial of service. This is also an instance where same-sex marriage is being forced onto Christians and is making it seem unlawful for them to speak out for their convictions.

In Romans 13:1-5, it states that we are to abide by the governing authority and the law because God has put the governing authority in power for a reason. However, government should not be intervening in the area of marriage to begin with. Marriage is far too personal of a matter for the government to be involved in. Furthermore, it is not against the law to have freedom of speech and the freedom to practice your own religion.

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