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Our world is a gift. We have been given this wonderful planet that is full of beauty, resources and many other beneficial things to enjoy. It can provide for nations and wow the masses, but despite these facts we are destroying it. The earth is slowly being killed by it’s own inhabitants. The pristine planet that once was is now full of pollution, toxins, and destruction. And it’s been a collective effort. The mindset that many people have is that because they are just one person in the billions on earth, that their contribution to the destruction does not matter, but instead it’s the bigger problems like oil spills and toxic waste. But that is not true. Every person has done their part to make the earth a little worse and now it’s becoming a huge problem.

We should be striving to be stewards of this earth who want leave this planet the way we found it, or even better. We should want our children and grandchildren to see the wonderful bits of nature that we have gotten to enjoy, but that cannot happen if we don’t all do our part to change. There are still glimpses of the earth that was unharmed left for us to see, so we need to take care of those and try to redeem the areas of the world that have been damaged. Thinking that our effect is small is selfish and disrespectful to the generations to come. We all count when it comes to the care of the earth and we all can make a difference. It’s just a matter of whether or not we can get ourselves to get in action.

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