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The law AB1266, along with the subsequently increasing number of gender neutral bathrooms in public schools in the United States, is a cause of some concern. Although proponents claim that it will make the transgender community more comfortable and at ease (Zablit), what of those who are not of said community?

One concern is that people will claim to be of the LGBT community to, for example, gain access to the locker room of the opposite gender, allowing completely straight males or females to unjustly observe the opposite gender in vulnerable and exposed states. To allow someone free access to this glorified pornography is a violation of the worth of the human being. By saying that one has to accept the fact that his or her body may be viewed in a way he or she is not comfortable with is a degradation of the sanctity of the human body.

If the separation of church and state can be taken in essence to mean that the government cannot mandate that certain beliefs be recognized by all citizens, then the belief that gender identification does not matter in regards to, for example, restrooms in a public elementary school, is one that adheres to its own belief system. It is mandated by law to be accepted, even though it goes against the beliefs of other citizens.

Young children, with minds that cannot yet comprehend such major issues, are being taught that gender is not a definite aspect of character, hence confusing their development as they struggle with concepts that they are not yet mature enough to understand, or to argue for themselves. Parents are now forced to explain concepts to their children that they may feel they are not mature enough to handle yet, or that a child might misunderstand the true nature of. Much like the assuming of many evolutionary theories as truth, the theoretical is being publicly taught as the innate. Those opposed to the law should not be automatically labeled as intolerant, as on principle the opposed are entitled just as much to their opinions as those in favor.

Although all humans have a right to free will, sometimes the free will of the minority puts at risk the rights of the majority, and in such cases it is prudent to ensure that rights exceed free will, as a person chooses to be subject to restrictions in order to gain these rights themselves. While the liberty of the few must be noted, it need not always be heeded at the expense of the many.




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