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Homosexuality has changed the approach Americans take towards life. Society sees it as an “accomplishment” that this choice is elevated over other life choices. Despite the Supreme Court’s decisions, the reality is that it is a controversial topic. We need to ask ourselves, what is the purpose of life? If the purpose of life is happiness, then yes, not allowing homosexual marriage is outrageous. However, the purpose of life is not marriage or even happiness; it is to honor the one who made us.  Marriage is meant as a gift from God that shows us an incredible example of His love. I believe that even though 90% of America would not admit this, deep in their hearts they live for love. However, they live for a romantic and tangible love to fulfill the gap they feel, rather than pursue a relationship with God. If we agree that marriage and happiness is not the purpose of life, then it is easier to see homosexuality as what it is, a sin. Sins should not be accepted and promoted. Just as alcoholism is not accepted, neither should homosexuality. The lifestyles of both enhance health risks and dangers. Although these situations should not be accepted and encouraged, no one should be hated for their sin. Everyone deserves love and help when struggling with temptation. No one should be defined by their sin, but should be seen as a person worthy of investment of time and care. It is sad that we look to sexual orientation to define love and fulfillment. We are made in the image of God, and are created equal in that image, too.  When we love each other for that reason alone, we can be less offended by homosexuality being a sin and love each other through our flaws.

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