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This past weekend I have spent some extensive time reading about fraudulent charities. I recently became aware of this topic. Fraudulent charities collect money telling the public that they will give back to the community by donating to a certain cause, but instead end up mishandling most, if not all, of the charity’s funds. The government, which is supposed to monitor charities, is not doing its part. Therefore, I believe that this is something of which the public needs to take action in order to solve it. Much money is getting wasted and stolen from kind and innocent donors and going towards pretend causes.

One charity that has a notable reputation for lack of honesty is the Disabled Veterans National Foundation (DVNF). According to the Huffington Post and CNN, DVNF “squandered millions of dollars on marketing costs, instead of addressing the needs of its clients.” If every single charity that is mishandling their money were to start using it in a proper way, so many world issues would finally be resolved.

In the case of DVNF, all American veterans would have proper medical insurance and care. Also, if charities that say they will get clean water to third world countries actually made it happen, that say they will give food to the poor actually opened up food banks, and charities that promise to find a cure for cancer actually began researching different cures, these issues could be solved by now. It is the selfishness of so many charity founders, like that of DVNF, that prevents funds from being dispersed properly.

We as American citizens can make a difference in the world if we take action instead of making endless, empty promises. The future relies in the palms of our hands. What kind of world are we creating for our children? If we don’t stop utilizing charities improperly now, then the generations to come will have no concept of true philanthropy.

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