Because of the fall of humanity, people they assume that abortion now a days is ok. Our moral code has been adjusted due to social norms even though deep down we know what is morally wrong we justify it due to the complexities of cultural differences. Each individual life that is created is priceless.There are many reason why abortion should not be allowed. I don’t know about you but I would never want to kill a human being especially if it’s a small infant. If you are willing to have sex and go through all of that with your significant other then you should have an idea in the back of your head that there is a huge possibility that you might get pregnant and then have a baby. If you want nothing to do with a baby or you are not ready at all to be a parent then you shouldn’t even have to take that risk of having sex. Killing a human should be illegal, it is just not right what so ever. Getting an abortion should be just as bad as killing a neighbor and stabbing him with a knife, you killed someone it’s the same thing and you should be able to suffer the same consequences. Why should you have an abortion? Who doesn’t love kids, they are so pure and they don’t cause any harm of the world so why should you stop this little innocent kid from being able to grow up, have an education, maybe even change the world and get married and allow him to have his own kids and family? Why should you be able to choose if he gets a future or not? Just because you are not ready to have a kid shouldn’t mean that little kid is not ready to have his own life. Even if you are not ready to be a parent you still have an option of adoption, many people would love to adopt a child. Some people don’t have the same privileges as you might have to be able to get pregnant, instead of just killing your baby you should give them a chance to also be able to have their own family and allow them to raise a kid. We need to appreciate the life that we are creating and realize how great of an ability it is to create a young life and bring it into this world so that it may live and do the same when it comes their time. Even though you might have had an abortion and you feel guilty you can still do something to help, spread the word and talk to people. You can still save little infants.


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