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Hurting with Ferguson

It’s come to my attention that when people hear the term “ black lives matter,” there are two different responses. Some respond with “ Yes, black lives do matter” and others try to correct the phrase and say “ all lives matter.” Those who say “ all lives matter” fail to recognize that they are eliminating race in this phrase and therefore ignoring racial issues with that phrase.

We were all born with a different purpose in this world and have different characteristics and race included. Different races make humanity beautiful, Plantinga states “ all has been created good… [but] all has been corrupted by evil.”( Plantinga xv) Evil is the root of police brutality and this is where we see the Fall in the “ four-fold doctrine.” The police officers that have killed Sandra Bland, Michael Brown, Eric Garner and many others don’t see the beauty in creation. They see their pigment of skin and are filled with hate and abuse their power.

To those who say that riots in Ferguson are causing trouble and the police force is just doing their job, they are also at fault. These “ all lives matter” people are justifying the deaths of these people. The people in Ferguson are mourning over the lost lives and Dr. Donna Ford, a professor in the Peabody College of Education at Vanderbilt University shares, “I toss and turn every night wondering whose life as a Black male will be lost next, A close relative? A friend? A colleague? A stranger?” Ford then asks, “ How many more lives will be lost at the hands of the ‘law’ before the justice system is about justice?…  When will Black males feel safe in schools, colleges, communities and the larger society?” Though they are responding in violence “the riots are not what the U.S needs to worry about. (Valle) The police force is corrupt, they are abusing their power. The fact that “racism is still breathing after centuries in this country and it is still taking innocent lives away” is sickening. (Valle) As a society, we should not condemn those who are in pain, but rather those who caused it. 

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