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The greatest shift in American society has been the want for change, the desire to rid ourselves of the old and embrace the new. For the world, racial equality was the beginning to an upward spiral, the integration of African Americans in a white society was transformative and empowering, we as a country were finally able to see what we could accomplish when fought for, united. Now as we look at this world, our America nearly sixty years later those same desires for change and a forward movement has taken a turn that is leading many Americans to turn there guns towards the Christian church and their stance on homosexuality. For many years the act of homosexuality in the Christian church was thought of as an abomination, but we not need look that far into the past to see how even doctors and scientist felt that the act of desiring someone of the same sex was a disease of the mind. Now a days there has been a slight change in the way Christians view homosexuality in the sense that they are judging less and listening more but the argument still remains the same, is the act moral or immoral? Many people like the argument that if animals, whom are primitive creatures with no societal influence can desire the same sex then why would it not be perfectly normal for humans? Although there is a point to be made in that statement, we as humans are not in fact animals but much more complex beings with set morals and values. Even though some animals may engage in acts of homosexuality those same animals rape, and commit incest. My argument is that if you are willing to apply one aspect of animalistic nature to the human race and call it “natural” and “normal, then you need to be willing to accept the other things that come with it. Some people also like to say that “you can’t help who you are sexually attracted to” and although that might be 100% true, there are many aspects to that statement that are flawed. Consider a pedophile, someone who is sexually attracted to someone of a significantly younger age (i.e a child), society’s ethical and moral obligation is to tell that person that they are wrong and consider his/her acts criminal. That would debunk the statement that implies that our sexual desires should be and are valid.

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