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We are a lethal generation. As I grow older, I hear about more young people being taken off this earth far too early. It used to be something I heard about, but it’s now much more of an experience than a news report. Our culture is becoming much more cluttered giving us less and less breathing room. We’re told we need to adapt or else we’ll be left out. We’ve become more concerned with what our lives look like rather than the lives around us. These are all reasons as to why suicide is the second leading cause of death for ages 10-24. Each day there are more than 5,400 suicide attempts from young people grades 7-12. That many people would risk the greatest thing we’ve ever been given in this world, life, to enter into something we really don’t know anything about.

Why are there so many people who choose to move on from this world and leave everything they have ever had affected and a victim to their actions? What can we be doing differently?

First we need look outside ourselves and see that all we have here on this earth is each other. We need each other. We physically cannot just go through things alone. We need each other’s help to see the certain hope in our lives and to see the truth through all the darkness we face. We need to recognize that we have an obligation to help the other get through a season of hopelessness even though we may not be facing one ourselves. We need to wake up and see all those around us who love and care for us and recognize how our selfish actions would affect them.

Suicidal thoughts are a symptom, not a solution.

We all face a hopeless season in our lives. We never understand why we face them in the moment. But with time we will learn and grow from our circumstances and soon you will be able to look back and understand completely why you went through that season in your life. You will have a changed mind and heart and will be glad that you fought through because what’s on the other side is always greater than what was there before.

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