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Richard Nicholas Swizek

Foundation of christian thought

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The presidential race is something as Americans we all should be paying attention to. As americans especially the younger generation, this political race should be a primary focus and deserves a lot of thought. The reason this deserves so much attention is because the next leader of our nation can have a direct impact for our future. As christians we must analyze this race by looking at the christian foundations that each candidate brings to the table. Issues such as gay marriage or stance on abortion are key things that should be took into account when choosing who you are voting for. I am actually voting for Donald Trump in this upcoming election. Its not that i’m his biggest fan or anything, but he does stand for some things that I believe are right. He believes that marriage should be between a man and a woman whereas Hilary Clinton believes that gay couples should be allowed to marry and adopt children. This is unbelieveable in my opinion. The reason I say this is because growing up a christian, I have always been taught that marriage should only be between a man and a woman. According to God’s word, two men getting married is not the definition of marriage. Another Big issue that we have to look for in our candidates is their stance on abortion. I know some christians might have mixed opinions on this, but I believe that abortion is murder. Killing an innocent baby while it is still in the womb should not be allowed and as christians we should stand up against it. The supreme court is even going the distance to investigate if the fetus should really be considered a human life. Donald Trump is Pro-life while Hilary clinton is pro-choice so that is another reason why I will not vote for her. All in all, It is up to you on who you vote for to be the next president. All I am saying is take a deep look into what each candidate stands for and see who has a better christian foundation

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