Isis is the Fallen
September 14, 2015 aaa bbb

Isis is the Fallen

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Mankind has always been predisposed to fall, to be sinful, and to even be wicked. The most obvious example of this today is Isis.  They have mass murdered thousands of Christians who are desperately searching for freedom.  Innocent people of the Middle East who are not Islamic have been abused, enslaved, killed, or forced to emigrate. This is not just a sin of rebellion against other religions; it is a sin against humanity.

Congress labels Isis’s desire to destroy other religious groups as genocide. This radical group executes anyone for refusing to convert. Isis has targeted specifically Christians, Yazidis, and other Muslims. They have killed and buried almost 15,000 of them in mass graves. Forced marriages and organized rapes are only a few of the brutal acts women and children have to go through. Isis plans to create a system of sexual exploitation of all their female prisoners regardless of age. After kidnapping children, they are brainwashed into radical trained fighters. By beheading dolls as part of their training, the children are well prepared to become the next generation of mass murderers.

We should not disregard the sinfulness of Isis and take it with a grain of salt. Some college students have already gravitated towards this corruption by joining Isis’s cause. The sinful acts by Isis has affected the minds of those students. The most perfect individuals can still be touched by sin. Parents of those students never imagined their child falling for such a terrible cause. The reality is that those students never really had a good reason for joining Isis. Instead, they decided to rebel against what is good. They parted from their faith and fell into the evilness of sin. All people are worthy of a life with grace, but when faith is lost the wickedness of sin can take over.





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