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Impact Blog Post: Scotland Might Break From the UK
September 16, 2014 Amanda Severson

Impact Blog Post: Scotland Might Break From the UK

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Recently there have been voting polls siding with Scotland to break away from the United Kingdom and govern itself. If you go back in Scotland’s history, it and Wales became a part of the UK in the early 1700s. Scotland has always in a sense been considered another country, preserving its own legal system and cultural traditions. However, important matters such as, taxation and welfare have remained in the hands of the Westminister, as well as the revenue from Scotland’s oil. They’ve always had problems with unemployment and social problems. The country itself is pretty unhealthy and has a wider division of the rich and poor than other UK countries do. And unless they have control over their own country, these issues will never be resolved.

People from Scotland who have only been dreaming of breaking away from the UK and not sharing achievements are very excited and see this as a dream come true to not be a part of this nation after 300 years. To them, independence means freedom. In July at the Commonwealth games held in Glasgow, one of the most dramatic moments occurred when a Scottish swimmer Dan Wallace won the 400-meter individual medley and yelled, “For freedom!” Similar to the book of Exodus, when the Israelites were forced to work as slaves in Egypt, the Scots are being forced to give their revenue and taxes to the government, and are not being granted the freedom they were born with. Later on we learn that the Israelites leave Egypt and embark on a rough journey. For Scotland, there will likely be hardships when they embark on their path towards a democracy, but with the help and faith in God, Scotland, like the Israelites, will find their way and be an independent and more self-sufficient nation.



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